Velletri between Rome and the Sea

Set at 40 minutes away from both Rome and the beach, Velletri is a great location to find yourself in. It is a restful place full of everything you would expect from a historic Italian city. At the same time, the city can become vibrant at night, with live bands playing jazzy rhythms all night long.

The house is just outside the city, where you can walk downtown to get all the great fun you wish to, all whilst coming back to a quiet room for a good night rest.

The volcanic lake Nemi is just 15 minutes away, you can delight yourself to a warm sunny day between mountains and see all while tasting the mouthwatering local cucina.

If you are all about road-trips, Velletri is the perfect spot in Italy. You are midway between Naples and Florence. You can drive your car along the coast line and find yourself in a city such Amalfi, discovering high perched lemon plantations.

And if you are in just for a nice relaxing trip, you can always stay home and enjoy the outdoor pool while admiring the olive plantation on the property, as you are surrounded by a magnificent view that only the Lazio region can give.